Sneaker Care

How To Care For Your Gola Sneakers 
Cleaning your sneakers will help to keep them in good condition so they’re always looking their best. We would recommend to avoid cleaning your sneakers in the washing machine, instead we suggest the following; 
PU Sneakers
1. Let any dirt dry. If soles are dirty, remove any loose dirt first by tapping the soles of the sneakers together.
2. Using a damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water (washing up liquid will do), lightly wipe over the PU to remove any soiling.
3. Let the sneakers air dry at room temperature before wearing. 
Suede Sneakers
When it comes to suede, we believe in prevention over cure, we would highly recommend buying a suede protector spray to keep your sneakers looking good. 
1. To apply a suede protector spray; make sure the sneakers are clean and completely dry and spray the protector spray from a distance, or as per the application directions if different. Leave the sprayed sneakers for at least one hour before wearing.
2. If sneakers get soiled, let the mud on the sneakers dry, then lightly apply the suede brush to the suede areas.
Leather Sneakers 
1. Make sure the sneakers are completely dry.
2. Use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt.
3. Any leftover stains can be removed using a damp cloth. Don’t apply too much pressure as you could damage the leather. 
Canvas Sneakers 
1. We recommend using a damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water (wring out well) to clean canvas sneakers. 
2. Spot clean canvas upper to remove any marks.
3. Let the sneakers air dry at room temperature.